‘Till It’s Done is a blog about buying, cooking, and enjoying good food.  The blog was started by Adam and Val in 2009.  The name ‘Till Its Done comes from our Chef instructor Sandy, who during our Culinary Skills Lab 24 week course at L’Academie de Cuisine, always said Cook It Until It’s Done.

Meet The Editors and Authors


Hi, I’m Adam, co editor and author of ‘Till Its Done.  Val and I have always enjoyed good food and sharing it with friends, family, and each other.  I love good food – well prepared food – whether its a greasy burger or a 7 course meal.  And I love understanding how to make that great food, so I can share it with others.  In addition to cooking and various other hobbies, I am a avid photographer.  You’ll see many of my pictures appear here on ‘Till It’s Done.


Hi, Val here.  Like Adam, I have the titles of co-editor and author of the blog and accompanying twitter feed.  I’ve always been interested in food and how flavors and different cooking methods come together to create the perfect bite.  I enjoy cooking, eating, drinking, learning, and entertaining.  When I can wrestle the camera away from Adam, I usually can take a decent picture or two as well :)

Meet The Guest Authors

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