What dishes do I want to learn to cook?

Sunday, June 12th, 2011 by adam

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How would you answer this question?  Stop reading now and put your answer in the comments.

Ok, now let’s get to my answer.  I too have often flipped through cook books , magazines, and the internet finding pictures and recipes that look great.  But are they great?  Do the flavors actually work?  Does the recipe make sense?  I’ve recently started keeping a list of these ideas to assist with planning our meals for the week or for ad-hoc meal ideas.  However, I’ve recently added a new method to my arsenal - making a list of things that I eat and really enjoy but don’t know how to cook.  For example, I recently had a really awesome lobster rool from DC’s own Lobester Truck.  I added it to the “To Cook” list.  And a few weeks later, after some research, Val and I made some delicious lobster rolls (and a few more times over the next week).  Hope this idea helps inspire things for you to cook as well.



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