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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 by adam

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What better to do on a Friday night after a long day at work then go to a brewery?

We first heard about Brewer’s Art from one of Val’s coworkers who told us we had to try the Resurrection Beer, or Res as he said the regulars call it.  He was pretty excited when talking about it (and he said the food was good too), so we had to go.  Going against traffic, we snaked our way to Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood, home of Brewer’s Art.  Located between a street of townhouses, we entered on the middle floor to a humming bar with a few chairs and sofas in addition to the bar.  Next to the bar, there’s a doorway that leads to the dining room or a stair case the leads to a downstairs bar and first come first serve seating area.   Both the upstairs and downstairs bars have a bar menu, while the restaurant serves a more extensive menu.  The downstairs was dimly lit and had lots of nooks and crannies with tables hidden here and there.  A cool vibe, but all full.  We headed back upstairs and snagged two seats at the bar – where better to see what was going on.

I sat right in front of the beer taps, adorned with some interesting pulls, including a pitch fork, cross, and the top of a trophy with a woman bowling for the Wit Trash – love the name!  We ordered two Res which were poured into goblets.  They beer was very good, as were the others we tried as the night progressed.  We also ordered some food to go along.  We started with the Country Ham Flatbread, a delicious combination of smoky ham, mascarpone cheese, bourbon soaked cherries, honey, and mustard seeds.  Next we split two entires.  An American Kobe, aioli, pickled onion, and pepper jack pita AND  the Brewer’s Art Cheeseburger, complete with Vermont sharp cheddar and rosemary garlic fries, both of which were excellent.  We sat at the bar for a while, talking about this and that, and people watching.  We bought a 6 pack of Res on the way out.  We’ll be back!

Brewer's Art

Goblet of Resurrection Beer

Brewer's Art

Crazy pulls on the beer taps...

Brewer's Art

Beer List

Brewer's Art


Brewer's Art


Brewer's Art



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