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Thursday, January 14th, 2010 by adam

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Inside Jackie’s

The Restaurant

Located in downtown Silver Spring, Jackie’s Restaurant embodies the up-and-coming spirit of Silver Spring.  Ever since I moved to Silver Spring in 2006, the city has been growing, constantly surprising and delighting me.  Maybe the thing I like best is that its not predictable; Silver Spring is a organic city, full of changes, new, old, good, and bad – but that keeps it real.  But anyway, back to Jackie’s…

Jackie’s is located in a old brick building, refitted with a modern twist.  This is immediately noticeable from the outside from the pink back-lit Jackie’s sign, frosted glass window behind the bar, and large black curtains over the front door (probably to keep the cold out and the warm in, but still funky).  The inside has a bar along the length of the front wall with a lounge off to the side, a dining room with booths and table, and an open air kitchen in the back.  The decor is modern and eclectic, with pink fabric and lighting, neon green chairs, bare bulb construction lights hanging from the ceiling, various other items, such as the homemade bungee cord and flood light combos over the booths.  I know that sounds odd, but its very classy and cool.  Go see for yourself :)

This was our second visit to Jackie’s; our first since Chef Frank Morales took over a few months ago.  We had been meaning to check it out again, and when our friend Jim suggested dinner in DTSS, we braved the cold.  The focus is still on American classics, well prepared and with gourmet upgrades.  The menu changes seasonally; I appaprently had just missed the grilled Sardine appetizer, which left the menu a few weeks prior  Oh well, I’m sure it will be back :)  After munching on some bread with yummie sweet butter, I ordered Stella Artois, Jim a Flying Dog, and Val ordered a Golden Lady cocktail – a combination of ginger liquor, apple brandy, and prosecco.  Since it was cold winter night, we all decided to start with roasted butternut squash soup.  The soup arrived with a dollop of creme fresh, and was very well balanced, not being too sweet as can often be the case.

Stella Artois (and Jim)


For our main courses, I had the St. Louis style ribs with apple carrot slaw, creamed spinach, and potato salad.  The ribs were cooked to the doneness of pulled pork, which allowed for easy eating with a fork.  And they where really good!  The accompaniments were also very tasty, with the bright citrus flavors of the apple carrot slaw nicely completing the richness of the creamed spinach.  Val had the Steak N’ Egg, which was a NY Strip steak server with a  bearnaise sauce (thus the N’ Egg) and broccoli.  And Jim had the chicken cordon blue with a side of cheesy grits, which had another complementing flavor that I couldn’t place.

In between courses, we chatted away, enjoying the people watching.  We had arrived around 7:30pm and the place filled to capacity shortly thereafter.  There were lots of couples, mostly in their 20s and 30s, with a few larger groups.  During a standout moment, a really cute child sitting at the table across from our booth managed to flip his yougert cup, shooting a nice spray about 10 feet.  Luckly no one was dairied in the process and laughed it off.  The kid’s got some aim!

St. Louis Ribs with Apple Carrot Slaw, Creamed Spinach, and Potato Salad

St. Louis Ribs

Cheesy Grits


During his initial review of the menu, Jim decided he had to try the spiked hot chocolate.  Pretty full from dinner, we ordered the hot chocolate and two coffees and a Snickerdoodle Pie to split.  Jim’s looked quite taken aback after his first sip of this spiked hot choc.  Apparently it wasn’t stirred and all the liquor was on the top :)  Dessert was good, and after lingering for a bit longer we headed back into the cold winter night.

Jackie’s is a gem in downtown Silver Spring and certainly worth a trip for drinks or dinner.  During both visits, I thought the prices were a bit high for classic American fare, but ingredients are mostly organic and locally sourced, and its a fun place – so go enjoy yourself.

Spiked Hot Choc

Spiked Hot Choc

Artful Coffee

Val's Coffee

Snickerdoodle Pie ‘Wit Whip


-Adam and Val

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