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Thursday, January 7th, 2010 by adam

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The Dining Room at 10 Arts

Dining Room

Adam and I found ourselves within a half hour of Philadelphia one afternoon, so we decided to stop for lunch at 10 Arts.  We just made the last lunch seating, with our table being only 1 of maybe 5 or so that were occupied.  I always hate being in an empty restaurant, but 10 Arts is in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton, so it has a very open feel and it wasn’t as awkward as I thought.

Our waiter was very attentive and friendly, and had good recommendations about the flavors of the different dishes.  Unfortunately, because it was lunch and a Monday, Top Chef contestant Jennifer Carrol wasn’t working, but we were pleased to find all our courses excellently prepared.

The Lunch Menu


Lunch is a good time to go to restaurants that are hard to get into during dinner service.  The menu is generally the same, but with lower prices.  My favorite thing is that lunch usually includes sandwiches as well, with tend to be an underrated / overlooked food.  Adam and I decided to get appetizers and sandwiches, to include smoked corn soup, a country terrine, Pork Belly BLT, and the Fish Burger.

Pork Terrine


Pork Belly BLT

Pork Belly BLT

Everything was cooked perfectly, and each bite was bursting with flavor.  Our favorite thing on both of our plates had to be the fries.  They were well seasoned (something that restaurants are getting away from, for some reason) and made better by the inclusion of an aioli that accompanied my fish burger.

We had not planned on dessert, but we overheard our waiter talking to another table and describing the beignets.  There really wasn’t any way that we could skip those.  They were warm, dusted with sugar, and went well with our espresso.  It was the perfect end to an excellent meal.



As we were enjoying dessert, our waiter mentioned to another table who asked about Chef Jennifer that Top Chef was how he found out about the restaurant as well.  Both Jen and Chef Ripert have certainly won the hearts of Philadelphia.

Reflections of Philadelphia


-Val and Adam

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