"Restaurant" Review: Quarry House Tavern

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009 by adam

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Quarry House Tavern


If you didn’t know about Quarry House Tavern, you’d probably never find it.  Located in downtown Silver Spring (#dtss), Quarry House is located under Bombay Gaylord Indian Restaurant, accessible by an unmarked staircase encased in plywood.  In other words, its the world’s greatest dive bar.

Val and I have been fans of Quarry House for a few years, hearing about it via a friend shortly after we moved to Silver Spring.  From the varied beer list to the homemade potato chips will dill dip to the tater tots that come with the burgers, Quarry House is my kind of place.  Upon walking into this basement establishment, you have the choice of sitting at the bar stocked with dozens of whiskeys, choosing a table in the dimly lit area around the bar, or heading to the back room with a jukebox at one end and floor to ceiling stacks of extra beer at the other end.  While Quarry House is often pretty full of eclectic 20 and 30 something Silver Springers, we always manage to find a table.

The Menu


I usually order a seasonal draft and then move on to bigger and bolder beers.  The homemade potato chips with dill dip are a must, and I normally go with a burger and tater tots – save the extra dill dip for the tots.  Quarry House is a great place to hang out with friends or just take in the scene.  Sometimes they have bands, trivia on Sundays, and the jukebox is always ready to take your request.  In addition to their beer specials, Quarry House also has an extensive selection of whiskey.  Or checkout nearby Jackie’s, who also owns Quarry House.

Homemade Potato Chips will Dill Dip


Matt’s Ten Fiddy, MmMm Good


Tater Tots


A Bit Too Much Beer…


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